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The Motterstitch Advantage

PHsmMotterStitch provides the best quality stitchers and the best service and support in the printing industry. MotterStitch uses a tested design that continues to provide customers with consistent and reliable stapling day after day. The quality design also allows for quick and easy replacement of consumable parts and an ease of use that is second to none. In line with having the best quality stitchers on the market, MotterStitch also provides the best service and support to our customers. With stitchers running across the globe, MotterStitch understands the importance of quality service and support. There is always a technician available 24/7 to help our customers troubleshoot any problem that may arise day or night. Most problems can easily be resolved over the phone but if there are additional problems, a MotterStitch technician will schedule a service trip at your earliest convenience.

Consumable parts are always on hand as MotterStitch has no obsolete designs. Normal consumable parts ship same or next day after the order is received, and any non-consumable part will ship after a short lead-time. MotterStitch is committed to its customers and provides 24/7 service and great parts support that have made MotterStitch the best in the industry.

Motterstitch stitchers are manufactured using state of the art CNC machining centers and inspection equipment to assure that the highest quality standards are maintained. Every Motterstitch stitcher you buy comes with the peace of mind that this machine will operate virtually trouble free, with minimal maintenance care.
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