MotterStitch custom designed In-Line Stitchers can be designed to fit all existing types of folders on the market today, for straight, collect and double collect production, equipped with 2, 3, 4 or 6 stitching heads for stapling across the web.

Our stitchers have the capability of stapling between 8 and 160 pages at full press speed, up to 100,000 copies per hour in straight mode, avoiding the need for off-line stitching stations.

MotterStitch Stitchers are designed with only one moving part, which is a guaranty for a reliable performance, less maintenance, and less need for spare parts.

We offer complete turn-key installations in new folders, as well as retrofitting on site in old folders.

Our turn-key installations include:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Installation in the Folder
  • Drive Arrangement
  • Spare Parts
  • Start-Up
  • Training of Personnel

Other Services Include:

Site Survey: A MotterStitch technician will visit your plant, assess your needs, and present you with an unbiased recommendation to help you achieve your production goals.

Training and Instruction: Our technicians will provide your production and maintenance personnel with all the information needed for optimum production and efficiency.

Telephone Support: with a MotterStitch machine you get telephone support 24/7. In most cases our technicians can solve your stitcher problem over the phone, day or night. You operate 24 hours a day and so do we.