Free Consultation

As the manufacturer and retailer of the world’s most dependable In-Line Stapling machines, MotterStitch provides free consultations to perspective clients to discuss the client’s needs and the different options that MotterStitch can provide to satisfy those needs. Upon request, a written proposal will be sent. It is our policy to guide our clients throughout the entire process by keeping them well informed. Whether you are new to stitching and just have some questions, or are a seasoned veteran ready to discuss the possibility of purchasing the world’s most dependable stapling machine, we encourage you to call or send us an email today. We look forward to serving you.

- The MotterStitch Team

Motterstitch stitchers are manufactured using state of the art CNC machining centers and inspection equipment to assure that the highest quality standards are maintained. Every Motterstitch stitcher you buy comes with the peace of mind that this machine will operate virtually trouble free, with minimal maintenance care.