Ribbon Stitchers


Ribbon Stitcher Overview:

MotterStitch ribbon stitchers are versatile machines that can be installed under each former or in bay window web lead or in place of the cross-perforator cylinders. They can be equipped to run in straight mode or skip stitch mode and have the ability to run at speeds of 100,000 impressions per hour. Normally, ribbon stitchers installed in the cross-perforator section are mechanically driven. Other ribbon stitchers, depending on where the unit is installed, can be electronically or mechanically driven.

Additional information about ribbon stitchers include:

  • Continuous wire feed
  • 96 page capacity depending on paper weight
  • Short make-ready time
  • Available for Jaw and Rotary folders
  • Affordable consumable parts
  • Mobile control cabinet

Ribbon stitchers can also be equipped with the following additional options:

  • Skip-stitch mode
  • Capable to advance and retard staple positioning from console