Cylinder Stitchers


Cylinder Stitcher Overview:

MotterStitch cylinder stitchers are mounted in the folder and make staples between the folding cylinder and the stitching cylinder. The dies, which form the inside of the staple, are mounted in the folding cylinder in a Jaw Type Folder. Rotary folders use dies, which are engraved in MotterStitch expansion bands. This is unique to the industry and permits the use of standard tucking blades. MotterStitch cylinder stitchers have the ability to run at speeds of 100,000 impressions per hour and can be operated in any of three different modes: straight, collect, and double collect. They can be mechanically or electronically driven, and in many cases can be shared between like folders.

Additional information about cylinder stitchers include:

  • Continuous wire feed
  • 144 page capacity depending on paper weight
  • Short make-ready time
  • Available for Jaw and Rotary folders
  • Multiple die profiles for optimum staple placement
  • Affordable consumable parts
  • Mobile control cabinet

Cylinder stitchers can also be equipped with the following additional options:

  • Electronic tightness control
  • Auto change over to collect
  • Electronic wire feed (standard with shaftless unit)
  • Transport table
  • Low wire sensors
  • Quiet room control panel