What we offer:

  1. Stable Design: Our design has been consistent since day one, with parts upgrades that still allow them to be used in our earlier stitchers. We do not design for obsolescence and parts for our oldest stitchers will always be available.
  2. Easy Operation: Our stitcher is the easiest to operate. Once the settings have been set for your folder our stitcher remembers those settings and will automatically adjust them when moved in and out of your folder.
  3. Fewest Moving Parts: Only moving part (reciprocating) is our fork which contributes to our stitcher reliability. Less moving parts means less issues with the stitcher.
  4. Universal Control System: When buying a stitcher(s), it is possible to buy a single control system that can be utilized by both stitchers. Our control systems are mobile and can be moved with the stitcher from folder to folder.
  5. Less Maintenance: Our stitchers take minimal maintenance which means more run time for your press.
  6. Easy parts replacement: Our consumable parts list is short and is designed to be easy to access when replacing old parts. These parts have been setting free for over two decades. Our symmetrical designed fork runs for double the amount of competitors forks. When the fork gets dull, simply exchange from left to right sides of the stitcher and they are good for millions more copies.
  7. Wire lubricator + cleaning built in: With our feed box comes a wire lube cup, which cleans and lubes the wire before it is fed into the stitcher.

Cylinder Stitchers


MotterStitch cylinder stitchers are mounted in the folder and make staples between the folding cylinder and the stitching cylinder. The dies, which form the inside of the staple, are mounted in the folding cylinder in a Jaw Type Folder…
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Ribbon Stitchers


MotterStitch ribbon stitchers are versatile machines that can be installed under each former in any bay window web lead or in place of the cross-perforator cylinders. They can be equipped to run in straight mode or skip stitch mode…
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Free Standing Wire Feed Station


MotterStitch free standing independently driven wire feed station. This unit can be placed up to 5 meters (15 feet) from the folder, wherever wire spool changing is convenient.