Q?What is the difference between a ribbon and a cylinder stitcher?
  1. A ribbon stitcher is installed below the former for straight and skip-stitch modes. This stitcher can be equipped with 2, 3, or 4 stitching heads.
  2. A cylinder stitcher can be equipped with 2-6 stitching heads is installed against the folding cylinder for the following modes:
    1. Straight
    2. Straight and Collect
    3. Straight, Collect, and Double Collect
Q?Where are the machines manufactured?

Parts and service for Europe: Provided from Sweden, parts and service for North and South America: Provided from USA, and all other countries: Parts and service provided from the USA.

Q?Is the machine designed in the metric or inch system?

Metric system

Q?Who provides the electronic equipment?

MotterStitch provides the electronic controls using Indramat, Siemens and Heidenhaih components.

Q?What is the delivery time?

Since our stitchers are custom-built for you specific folder(s), not adapted from others, normally 3-4 months are required (some orders can be expedited).

Q?How fast can I run my press while stapling?

Up to 100,000 I.P.H. (In straight mode) – depending upon the press and stitcher design.

Q?What size wire can I run?

Either 23/ 24/ 25/ 26 gauge Or .67 mm/ .60 mm/ .55 mm/ .50 mm

Q?What are the differences in wire sizes?

In smaller products, the thinner wire reduces fanning when stacked. Larger wire accommodates more pages (up to 160 pages) Normal 24 gauge (.60 mm) will accommodate 12-128 pages. 26 gauge (.50 mm) wire will accommodate 8-64 pages.

Q?How much make-ready time is required for stitching?

Most shaftless units require 10-15 minutes for make-ready.

Q?Can staple position be moved?

No, center distance is fixed, but options are available to accommodate different product sizes, by increasing the number of heads on the stitcher.

Q?Can the stitcher be moved between formers or folders?

Yes, if other folders have been prepared to accommodate the stitchers. Folders must be identical with the same cut-off.

Q?If I chose to move the stitcher from one folder to another, will I need extra electronic equipment?

The only extra electronic component is an encoder that must be installed in the additional folder. The control cabinet and all other electronics move with the stitcher.

Q?How much does wire cost when stapling in-line?

At today’s prices, approximately $70 per 100,000 copies, using .60 mm (24 gauge) wire, with 2 staples in each product.