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PHsmIn-Line stitching is the most economical, the fastest and the cleanest method of binding products.

MotterStitch was founded in 1985, with the specific goal of providing the printing industry with custom designed In-Line Stitchers (In-Line Stapling Machines) to fit all types of folders for web presses.

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Free Consultation

PHsmwideMotterStitch will provide free consultation to discuss the client’s needs and the different options that MotterStitch can provide to satisfy those needs. Upon request, a written proposal will be sent. It is our policy to guide our clients throughout the entire process by keeping them well informed.
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Video Demos


See us in action. We have a large video library to allow our clients to see Motterstitch custom In-Line stitchers in full production. Want to share your video of an installed unit, share here.
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